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Welcome to CanuckGetaway.com, we are a toursit board organisation whose mission is to inspire the world to visit Canada!

Our organisation is responsible for the international marketing of Canada, this involves: • Growing tourism: This is one of the fastest growing economic areas which has its own strategical importance for developing Canada's economy. • Growing Canadian Exports: The more tourists that experience Canada first hand, the more likely it is they will want to import Canadian goods when they get home, from Maple Syrup to Ice Hockey to Lulu Lemon sportswear • Creating more job opportunities: Tourism accounts for nearly 10% of all jobs in Canada, nuturing and growing employment opportunitiesis crucial to the growth of the econony Go Explore!

Canada: The No.1 Destination On Your Bucket List

Canada is the second largest country in the world and with its stunning landscapes and culture it is ranked number one worldwide for international tourists' arrivals. 2018 marks the 175th anniversary of Canada, so we invite the world to join our grand centennial celebrations! We guarantee you are really going to adore the unique natural treasures, feel the lovely ethnic culture, visit the well-preserved historical areas, learn to live the pleasure of camping, paddle through the waves and splashes of the great rivers and experience our wonderful cuisine.

Discover Paradise

Whether it is for the massive adventures or quality time with family - whatever you are looking forward to, Canada offers it all in one experience. Our promise is that by the end of your trip it will have been ‘the best unforgettable days of your life’.

eCheck for Peace of Mind

For peace of mind while you travel eChecks are widely accepted as a payment method across Canada and can be easily purchased before you arrive.

Destination: Green Waters

With so much coastline and inland lakes and rivers, whatever type of sailing or boating you like you can find

Your Health is Your Wealth

The home of the famous Lulu lemon clothing line, you can imagine that a fitness or wellness holiday is totally achievable during your stay, including the world famous Grail Springs retreat


If Biking is your idea of a holiday the team at Cycle Canada can arrange the perfect holiday for you. With tours available for all levels of experience as well catering for road, cross and mountain biking.


No hiking tour in Canada is complete with conquering the Canadian Rockies, with the highest point being Mount Robson at 3,954m tall!

Historic Sites

With so many historic sites to choose fromyou willbe spoilt for choice, be it the Exchange District in Manitoba, Pier 21 in Nova Scotia or Niagra-on-the-lake, you will be spoilt for choice!

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